The Epic of John Fong

by Juice Lee

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John fong is a lawyer for the Yangs, a high class family in hong kong. while working late fong finds out through a mistakenly sent email that tom chang (a close family friend of the yangs) has put a hit out on mr yang and his wife. its up to john fong to warn them of the danger. but fong has bigger troubles to worry about as tom chang's henchmen "the green dragon gang" are out to stop fong from ever reaching Mr. Yang. get ready for the hottest kung-fu movie you've ever heard coming to a set of speakers near you!!!


released November 26, 2014


all beats produced by nonsense

all lyrics
by juice lee



all rights reserved


Juice Lee Cincinnati, Ohio

Juice Lee is a Hip-hop/Nerdcore artist from Cincinnati, OH. He has a penchant for soulful story telling laced with geek and pop culture flare. His epic tales of triumph, failure and redemption will leave you salivating for more.


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Track Name: Chapter 1: Enter John Fong
The birth name is john fong the law man for the yangs, the Hiltons of Hong-Kong this is my journey so please sit up and listen cuz none of the next events I had no way of predicting was caught in the office and working a little late when I got an email sent to my box by mistake unknown sender I moved it to the trash but I looked and seen it had some pictures and a file attached I opened it up after checking for a virus saw the pictures and the file and couldn’t believe my iris it was the yangs and some bank records that track back to tom chang he put out a contract?

Why he wanna kill the yangs they’ve been friends for years? I gotta make sure nobody knows this files here I need to get at mr. yang and tell him about the plan but this week hes with his wife on vacation in Thailand so I turn off my phone and secretly board a plane two nights after finding this out I know its strange my wife and my kid don’t know I dipped out cuz its best if they don’t know what none of this stuffs about after a long flight I landed in ang thong some dudes cornered me in baggage claim like john fong? We work for mr chang and we know what you have so just hand over the file and take this money in this bag. I don’t know what your talking about they getting mad and they start to follow me as I’m waving out for a cab mr fong this is gonna end bad that’s when these guys hopped out the van and I was grabbed, you should have took the cash this moneys gonna go to waste that’s when they slipped a black cloth sack over my face I’m really scared now and so unsure of my fate as the car accelerated to an unknown place
Track Name: Chapter 2: Fong's Torture
After removing the black cloth they sat me in a chair inside of a darkened room and out of nowhere I got hit with a hard right punch that left me slumped

you think you wanna talk right now you little punk

I smiled but I’m not really that hard man I’m in pain should have gave these cats them files am I insane?

Your gonna give up the files and tell us what you know the next words that you speak can be anything but no or you can get the wrath of the green dragon gang and we might keep you alive just to show mr yang

What can I do to try to escape the mess I thought as I caught a front kick to my chest the chair toppled smacked my head on the floor

C’mon John were just getting started and theres more

They dragged me out of the chair and then cuffed my wrists as they brought out a hook and hung me up and doused me real hot water to start the sting

I swear to you john your telling us everything

I’m screaming in agony yelling kicking and fighting in walks this long haired guy who throws lighting started the teasing me with the thundering in his palm then started doing kung fu in an electrical form

You wont talk? We’ll you’ve been warned I promise we’ll make you curse the day that you were born

C’mon john give us the files that we’re after
You’ll never get anything from me

it was a nightmare they beating me to a pulp I started foaming at the mouth from the electrical volts Its like I wanted to die as I smelled my cooking flesh cuz keeping me alive like this is worse than death

you know that we got other methods waiting in line its up to you fong to stop this at any time im trying to help you out mr fong I’m on your side just give us the files and you wont have to be fryed

its all lies they killing me either way that it goes they doin it right now its just painful and really slow maybe if I hold out I’ll probably be saved

nobody likes a hero you bastard don’t be brave you only working yourself into an earlier grave and I can talk to chang and you still might get paid but if your really desperate to have it all your way then go ahead and pray for somebody to save the day

C’mon john give us the files that we’re after
You’ll never get anything from me

hours had passed and my eyes are swollen shut they broke my ribs and left me bleeding from multiple cuts I still haven’t talked and yet I can barely see but I start to wonder if the yangs even care about me they say there’s more but what possibly could there be? then I saw the ex bloodsport champ named chong lee he’s over buff as he start flexing his pecks he then utters those sinister words of “you’re next”

come on fong how long can you keep this up? Nobody is gonna save you and surely your out of luck lets face facts you bastard your all alone don’t you miss your little girl don’t you wanna go home matter of fact lets bring home to you I think mr changs home has extra room for two talk now and I promise they wont be nabbed unless you want your kid to call tom chang her dad

outside the room I’m hearing commotion

check out the noise you bums

Somebody they did come….
Track Name: Chapter 3: John and Billy's Escape
Sorry I’m late my friend you must be john, I was sent by the yangs to save from further harm they used deadly force on you from what I see and you took some body shots from that bastard chong lee but you can rest now fong your in good hands they’re gonna feel the wrath of the kid named billy lam

This dude was sick as he unhooked my chains and took on 10 guys from the green dragon gang his wild style kung-fu put them to shame as I’m trying to figure out just how he knows the yangs?

You gonna stand there fong? Or will you move? We have to escape now theres no time to lose

I’m soo sore as we hit up the corridor we were stopped by a mythical demon with 4 swords and four arms that’s holding on each one billy smiles and he takes off his coat

This should be fun

Yo billy are you out of your mind man? lets run!!!

Heh that’s nonsense the battle has just begun

He challenged the monster to take the first attack

witness the kung fu john fong

he so relaxed

within minutes the demon was bare handed and every shot that billy had threw had perfectly landed the demon fell to his knees and slowly cracked now outside of the place we had walked into a trap

BILLY LAM!! I guess we meet again been training pan lei? You think that you can win? I’ll let you both go right now its true but only if billy can best my kung-fu

chang had dropped down removing his silk coat

his hands stayed behind his back as billy aimed for the throat

your teacher is pathetic and you say you’re his best?

He hitting billy with palm thrusts straight to his chest the kid fights harder to match up with changs speed then eagle claw kung-fu forces billy to bleed

Heh that’s all you got tom chang then bring it on I’ll make sure you regret ever capturing john fong I think that you want to fight me with both hands I promise your eagle claw technique will not advance

Heh billy lam if its death that you really want I’ll show you the techniques of the shaolin monks

Everyone of billy’s attacks were fine tuned but nothing seemed to effect tom changs iron kun

My body can absorb anything you have to give and now billy lam your no longer allowed to live

He hit billy with a move that was so supreme that the pain prevented him from attempting a dying scream he fell to he ground trying to fight away his death he told me to go see pan lei with his last breath he handed me a map and told me to move fast as he hobbled toward the green dragon gang for a final clash
Track Name: Chapter 4: Fong's Training with Pan Lei
How is this the masters dojo a bunch of old houses at the top of a mountain I really gotta doubt this billy rest in peace but dude I think you trippin aint nobody teaching kung-fu in these living conditions aint nobody living here and the wood on the houses rotten and if you want food and water you go to the mountains bottom as I searched around the houses I became really unsure that’s when master pan lei had came to the front door

Heh, so your john fong and billys not with you so something has went wrong he told me what you had been through and you sought to have revenge by learning some kung-fu heh the storys all the same I’d kill you if I didn’t hate the green dragon gang pick a shack any shack that you want, that will be your home for training for the next 8 months

2000 situps a day to make your make your body stone
4000 leg kicks to the tree to harden bones
600 finger pushups to tighten up your grasp
then you may become a student of mine to walk the path

two months into training I still feel the pain I learn a little kung-fu but the routines the same I think its crazy cuz I’ve lost track of days if the training doesn’t kill me then it may be pan lei getting drilled everyday by is common place and I’ve mastered the art to block attacks with my face teacher, teacher, I beg you tell me when will you stop beating me and start teaching me

heh john fong don’t you see this is how every master I trained with has taught me I learned technique by taking the attack my teachers fought relentless but for you I’m holding back in 6 months you’ll fight chang and his henchmen not just for yourself but all of those lives he’s ending in one month john your body will be tempered then I’ll teach you more kung-fu than you care to remember

I’ve taught you everything that I can for the battle tiger claw, golden monkey and snake in the eagles shadow even some of the harder arts to follow golden lotus technique and the fist of the silver swallow there was a move I never taught billy lam a move if done correctly nobody stands a chance john fong hit me with your best attack and I’ll show you the seven blows of the white dragon

The speed the force theres no way I could stop it

Every move can be countered if you use a bit of logic

Is that a move I’ll be ever able to capture?

It would take you the rest of this life and a few after its tom chang’s greatest move and his secret, this last month of training I’ll show you how to defeat it
Track Name: Chapter 5: Fong's Final Fight
it all started with a bang sidekicked a dude through the door who worked for tom chang I’m in the warehouse where they broke some of my ribs you cheap ninjas better talk and tell me where chang is they stayed quiet and thus began the slaughter started breakin all they bones while demanding my wife and daughter I beat them all but they only seemed to hum I opened up they mask and saw they didnt have they tongues I had to move on deep in the compound thought I wasn’t noticed till I heard the sirens sound and out of nowhere dudes flooded the scene it was like a kung fu fans ultimate wet dream you had ninja’s monks and samurai even fantasy sword fighting dudes who could fly strong men and female ninja spies and to top it of they even had the old drunk guy

you’ll never win john fong you’ll never see your wife
you’ll never beat my henchmen who’ve come to take your life
you’ll never beat my kung fu on this or any day
it doesn’t matter what you learned from that bastard pan lei

after I saw chang the battle it did begin
heh come on fong who told you that you could win?
the numbers were crazy and I probably could fold but pan lei said my true fighting power is in my soul with that in mind I was jumped by 2 monks one of them with golden arms and the other could shadow punch I used nerve techniques to stop the shadow boxing golden arms under arm was the perfect way I could stop him the fantasy sword fighters raised the stakes higher I used phoenix fire kung-fu to sever their wires the strong guy was known for crushing foes but in the end his sloppy kenpo was too slow but I was blindsided by the lady ninja tho and interestingly enough her name was dirty ho the samurai said

chang figured you’d come but fighting a man with no blade is no fun

picked up a sword with a cheap shot ive stunned the great samurai as he screamed

what have you done??? How could you throw your sword?

He went numb in his last dying breath he said

Please forgive me son

Since his men are dead chang no longer can cast doubt

Damn you sam seed how the hell did you pass out?


John fong, this should be entertaining lets see how far the master has brought you with his training the techniques he showed you are pretty silly and even then his best student billy he couldn’t kill me

First I stared attacking all of his joints and then when that failed I went for his vital points It made him laugh

I have no weak point you’ve already lost fong sorry to disappoint ignorant bastard you think it’d be that easy here’s a phone call your master go try get help to beat me

He walking toward me while taking all my attacks

Go on keep trying I wont even fight back

And then I saw something was shining when he would shout he had a protective guard over the roof of his mouth and then I got tricky with my attacks and changed the route and hit him in the chin to make him spit the guarder out

I guess you know now fong that playtime is over you should have took the money or became one of my soldiers your kung fu’s weak this is your final fight I’ll enjoy telling this story to your daughter and your wife

Like every villain he smiled and he started laughin then attacked me with the seven blows of the white dragon then time slowed and pan lei stared speaking

Tom chang doesn’t know his kung-fu it can be beaten because the dragon breathes high the tail will swings low the claw is from the heaven so make sure to stay close and now attack his wings to make sure he doesn’t float then you put the crushing blow into his sternum and his throat

chang staggered and I got the upper hand too and now the kid is bleeding from his mouth

damn you you think you’ve won right now but you don’t know in roughly 1 minute this whole place will explode you beat me fong and you did fight well but I still won I’m blowing you bastards all to hell
Track Name: Chapter 6: Fong's Epilogue
I grabbed the fam scrambled out to the door the building had blew up to signal the end to the war I held my wife close as she used me for a tissue as my daughter held my waist tight like daddy I miss you the fire trucks were dowsing the buildings towering flames as cops carted off what remains of changs gang I can’t believe what has happened from start to end shout out to my man billy lam his death was avenged mr yang and his wife are glad to know that were safe I’m still they lawyer but they’re increasing my pay rate and also speaking of stuff increasing my skills sharpened with pan lei on every weekend and just when I thought everything was perfect and jolly they tell my that they never found tom changs body