one more round

by Juice Lee

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get up with an alarm clock smack hate to start my day with that radio rap pop a multivitamin and start my lap on the other side of town he already on the mat and thinking of ways just to get out of this hold listenin to his corner and doin what he been told he know that hes a little better so he aint lost control and he lookin now for the right time to explode and me you know Im only tryin to write my path and still a little sketchy after last weeks crash now Im minus a car and I have no cash and I feel like something really need to happen and fast he know no matter what that he can never tap cuz dudes kind of a douche and he dont wanna hear him yap and on my way to work I know my boss thinks that its a joke and that my vision should be scrapped...please
I’ve taken a few shots and ive been knocked down

My corner say im behind but I can turn it all around

Ima finish the fight even if the bell sounds

I wont let it go to the cards I need one more round

so its lunch time at the job you see yeah he hold a 9-5 just like you and me working 40 plus hrs for his wife to be and he training at the gym and fighting for a small fee so Im like the same way but I sell CD's and been married to this dame since about 13 I really want a better life and to just be free and like with every single punch he tryin to feed his seed and keep the lights on forget how much he bleeds he'll give his little girl just whatever she needs especially when she sayin win the belt for me its where he get his second wind to get a win in round 3 while Im in my room and thinkin I should maybe quit are my songs like too smart for anybody to get? nobody hearin the words who really cares what I spit? thats when my people pick me up and say we aint gon let you slip

and so Im backstage pacin forth and back and shadow boxin by myself and reciting my track Im at this showcase with a bunch of other cats plus an A&R that’s actin like he wanna put us back with him the fight everything cuz he gon get his shine his game plan is nice plus he had a long grind he know this fight check is possibly his lifeline and a knockout prolly help him pay the mortgage on time so I close my eyes and I breathe for a second before the beat dropped man I put all my aggression inside of every single verse that I had with no discretion I was real but the suit couldn’t give me an expression so middle of the second round he be up against the cage dropping bombs on the champ and he still aint really phased but the champ is landing blows and he feels hes gonna fade so he use his ground and pound to put the reigning champ away


released March 10, 2011
produced by Stephen Barry



all rights reserved


Juice Lee Cincinnati, Ohio

Juice Lee is a Hip-hop/Nerdcore artist from Cincinnati, OH. He has a penchant for soulful story telling laced with geek and pop culture flare. His epic tales of triumph, failure and redemption will leave you salivating for more.


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