Kraven's Last Hunt

by Juice Lee

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This is the first song from my annual Mic Issues series
videos can be found here:


These are the writings of a beast and a hunter who has killed every predator but yet at night he still hungers for one last trophy on his mantle for his name to be under and when he looks at that black suit he only thinks of his blunders he realizes that he’s a man but it’s symbol of shame especially when this spider is the ultimate game. Meanwhile spideys in all black in the seediest place he’s here to pay his last respects to a goon joey face and as he swings away he really contemplates his own fate as feels all these spiders cry as a few thousand are ate by kravinov as he consumes the very thing that he hates and he believes the spider is the final test he can take and he won’t rest till he officiates at spider-mans wake. And so he stalks his prey simply lying in wait and then he gets drugged and trapped in a net that he can’t override and his demise is eminent just take a look at them eyes.

Superior fighter (I must become the spider)
My senses must be higher ( I must become the spider)
Changing every muscle fiber (I must become the spider)
This is the final decider (I must become the spider)

Standing over his grave he’s proud of his work cuz spider-man has met his match and buried deep in the earth. What he don’t know is that he had somebody waiting at home and now peters been gone too long MJ thinks when she’s alone. Lurkin deep in the sewers from the light that would hurt him is a mutate and king of the rats that’s known as Vermin. And mary jane is cornered by these cats who looking for favors that’s when she looks up in the rain and she notice her savior but something is very different from the webhead its strange because now on these criminals he inflicts maximum pain and now Kravinov is at home thinking up an exam to prove that he could be the best at being called spider-man so he goes and destroys vermin in his murky abode nearly beating him senseless despite him ripping his clothes. And now peter is fighting death as his strength has come back and he’s consumed with trying to get revenge on this cat and he’s screaming for MJ as he claws through the soil replaying the shot of the gun as his blood starts to boil he soon confronts Kraven about what he has done and he smiles eating them punches cuz he’s already won and he’s proven himself to show that he’s the superior he brings pete into his trophy room where things get eerier he’s got vermin captive and shaken afraid like I did what you could not while you were in the grave at that moment he Then lets the rat out the cage and the battle begins now at a critical stage and Peter is fighting back but can’t reason with him he don’t see kraven’s end game so he starts to give in. Soon Peter goes and gives it up and he lets vermin attack until Kraven pushes him back with a simple whip crack as he lets Vermin escape Pete tries to put him on blast but Kraven gave his word saying that this hunt was his last he takes a simple drag and final look at his past and with that he ends himself with that same rifle blast and so spidey catch up vermin who is back in the sewers but he was waiting looking for a large arachnid to skewer so they battle again but Pete is willing to fight in a different way to bring the rodent out into light just then he’s got by the boys with no major aggression as the front page of the bugle talks on kraven’s confession and spidey he swings away heading back to his wife and his thoughts of another chance with his new leased life.


released October 7, 2015
track produced by Yon LI



all rights reserved


Juice Lee Cincinnati, Ohio

Juice Lee is a Hip-hop/Nerdcore artist from Cincinnati, OH. He has a penchant for soulful story telling laced with geek and pop culture flare. His epic tales of triumph, failure and redemption will leave you salivating for more.


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