The Alien Chain

by Juice Lee

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this a joint that merges both comics and hip-hop in a way I had never seen before


He left the lab late night with tracks to bang and a few beats to put some new verses to and its strange walked in his crib and it didn’t feel the same took out the garbage on the ground he had noticed a chain its beautiful easily its a couple k he figured that he could sell it and make a profit that way so he go back in the crib and then put on the beats rest on his bed brainstorming then he go fall asleep the next morning he wakes up on the floor its insane hes surrounded by mad verses and they all pretty flame he don’t recall none of them that’s the weirdest thing and to top it all off dude is wearing the chain not thinking really what happened dude go in to record and songs become some classics and the people want more he embracing that local fame and the women galore but now record companies knocking watch what he gon endure

It gave him power beyond his fantasy
but then his fantasy had became a calamity
he thought how he could end it the chain wouldn’t let it be
but he accepted fate its only one way he could be free

Fast forward past the deal and the magazine spot and all of the interviewers gassing him and saying he hot hes consumed by the fame and what the chain gave he made the emblem like his god so to that he just prayed yea it happened to be a cross but it aint make him think Christ just materialism and the people sayin he nice but he started to notice things in the stuff that he wrote he couldn’t not make a non-stereotypical quote everything revolved around the next whip that he bought or the chick that he slept with or what everything cost he coudnt control his tongue but he still had his thoughts he saw children repeat his lines “this chain has got to come off” figured he could control it not it wouldn’t control him every positive line the chain pervert it and then win not satisfied with the spoils he know what he gotta do lookin at his links in the mirror “I gotta get rid of you”

And now hes in his dressing room at mtv vmas its like 20 minutes before he bout to get up on stage hes enraged at all the things that it made him to be when he would conversate with people he would call himself we “like we are happy that you be feeling these bars and we thank you for this award that is rightfully ours” but inside there was a little bit that didn’t give in to make a valiant effort for the symbiosis to end so he had snuck to the roof in the torrential rain dropped to his knees fighting just to take of the chain he feeling it scream as the links expand because water could rust the chain he trying to break with his hands but the jewelry wouldn’t come off it had plan other things so not only now was it a chain it had turned into rings and so now he trying to bite off the rings it made him bleed but then the end result was something he couldn’t believe his mouth was full of platinum and rubies and then some diamonds he couldn’t speak so he knew that he couldn’t continue rhyming he ran for the edge of the roof to end it all but the chain didn’t accompany him in his fall


released March 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Juice Lee Cincinnati, Ohio

Juice Lee is a Hip-hop/Nerdcore artist from Cincinnati, OH. He has a penchant for soulful story telling laced with geek and pop culture flare. His epic tales of triumph, failure and redemption will leave you salivating for more.


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