The Reverie

by Juice Lee

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This is the 4th Studio Release of Juice Lee. originally designated as a coup de grâce album. This is his return to the mic and a look ahead to the future.


released January 2, 2015

all tracks Mixed and Mastered by Ill Poetic



all rights reserved


Juice Lee Cincinnati, Ohio

Juice Lee is a Hip-hop/Nerdcore artist from Cincinnati, OH. He has a penchant for soulful story telling laced with geek and pop culture flare. His epic tales of triumph, failure and redemption will leave you salivating for more.


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Track Name: The Reverie
my freedom they despise said all those stories lies it’s only working and bills why you still fantasize about something that has never happened despite your tries forget this rappin this thing will not materialize you need a better goal because you way to old this ain’t no game where a prophecy bout you been fortold there ain’t no armor set its only bargain clothes that keep you staying afloat and meeting the status quo I know I’m probably a living oddity because I’m really obsessed with penning this odyssey there aint no dragons nest it’s only mounting debt and cats that hear what you wanna do and get real skept and some will laugh at me others get mad at me you can’t convince me theres nothing else cuz there has to be nightmares attacking me so I move erratically because this journey won’t finish itself magically I know my point’s a bit redundant but I have to be that’s why I seem to churn verses out so emphatically so let me pen my fate allow me to create something that my vocals could only illustrate this is the reverie sorry for the extended wait now close your eyes and get ready to truly feel awake
Track Name: Scales
they labeled him as a musical masturbator cuz he love a little stroke of his ego but nothing greater so why sitting home late night and playing games but not retweeting mixtape links to get some fame? its like he doesn't want it that bad and so he chills complains about the top guys lacking alot of skill but talent and the drive aint always found in the same some talent is given and drive can be obtained if you think about it both of those things can interchange or one could increase while the other would never change it made him really think about what does he really love or if you want it bad enough you’ll put nothing at or above or could it be he's bad at managing his time don't get the 90-10 rule involved with these rhymes cuz if a dream stays a dream it just causes stress and everybody doubts a dream until it manifests

what you gonna do with you life when you fail?
the music thing was real cute at first but its stale
I wish i never bought into all of your tall tales
forget the big picture and see it on my scale

he had to see the bottom before he could ever stop to calculate the distance it takes to reach the top this is the place that he said he would never land he even made some diss tracks getting at this man as it stands his stance is still ill but he gotta touch the planet and show that he's still real cuz if this is the end he's gonna get his fill leave the people on the edge of they seat with this thrill so just chill let his bars compel you to fight a little more if you going through hell too forget about them times them people done fell through cuz people kill they own kids for a shot at the belt too it was a shame let his hunger wane now he gettin complacent and it felt so strange and everything he worked for he saw it diminishing and he was caught up in drama forgot about listening they said its over man you ain't got nothing left just put the music away and celebrate your death he wouldn't let it end he couldn’t face himself so made a promise to finish like there was nothing else

another verse aint gon magically get him on but another good song will help him to keep calm when he’s writing it be like the whole world is in his palm and all the pictures that he’s drawn help him battle another dawn. And this is only a spec of what he sees he’s used to being called is ludicrous for what he believes but building bridges aint even really the half because all his life he’s the biggest foe that he’s had when they clash he pull out his best jabs and fight his demons till he outclass or outlast cuz the bars was really never bout being a mega star It’s about being good at something and something taking you far it was the way he could really show what he’s worth because he had no real significant skills after his birth.
Track Name: Lightning Strikes Twice
I don’t really got an excuse as to why I stopped but on the flip I got questions to why it hasn’t stopped its pulling me at night saying you’ll never be right until you go and write until you touch that mic until you give it all until your boys on the other side read what you scrawled this is what I would call maybe a second chance to get this music thing right and maybe just expand to something better than being a veteran saying my album gon drop and make me cheddar man everyone’s saying that I’m more amazed if you pay anything to hear me rap cuz while these bars are a blessing they’re also kinda cursed cuz what I say is ignored if it ain’t in a verse I think its so perverse that I’m my fathers son fighting addiction and chasing a high that never comes this what I’ve become doing impossible things and working toward becoming unstoppable its prolly illogical given how much I have failed and that I keep just spitting giving a million percent in every single written and this is why I’m trippin are these dudes really more talented than JUI? Before I’m done I’ll give you something that you can’t deny.

This more than just my plight
Feel like this our fight
and if you with me we get this lightning to strike twice

I’m 13 again wrapped up in instrumentals and not on fitting in I’m chewing on the pen trying to figure out exactly how to pull em in and even back then I had a lot of doubt that’s amplified by everyone even my mama’s mouth the world was on a route told me to throw in the towel cuz this a losing bout people ain’t listening to the stuff that you tryin to spout that’s when it all clicked somehow I couldn’t quit hearing the current of voices that’s tellin me to spit in spite of every set back and every dropped pass these verse are a sledgehammer to break the ceiling glass I’ll make these feelings last into my next life and leave this all on the stage and underneath the lights I’m trying to reach a height nobody’s ever seen my life script ain’t done this is the perfect scene when I go touch the mic this what I recite not as a dying wish but as my only wish is that you realize your dream and utilize your gifts and never let it go no matter who you show don’t care how many will try to stop you or tell you no cuz you were born for this you know you’re life path you know whats deep in your heart so put it in your grasp
Track Name: I Need You (Featuring Melodi J)
She said that I’m no longer there it was love in her eyes but I was distant when I stare and I would give a dull response when she call and when we hang up she’d sit and she’d bawl it was never her fault cuz really it’s just me but If I told her that she never would trust me. our relationship had got so hard I was working through the pain but had been soo scarred by everybody taking advantage of our bond heartbroken I don’t know who to take it out on couldn’t look her in her eyes and talk about real love I’d be lying and you know that ain’t what real love does then one day I sat and I scribbled a note and said I’m tired and I can’t really continue to cope don’t cry remember what we had was dope but I’m going out for my proverbial pack of smokes

Without you I can't breathe, I cant breathe.
even if I try theres no way that I'd survive alone,
dont ya know, baby I need you.

wasn’t official but I’m sure we separated people talk about my past I quietly would hate it and every call then I think she initiated but my bitterness and pain would never fail to negate it every other night I’m chasing another broad losing every single hand still trying to play the cards I wasn’t winning in this handicap match I was reaching in the corner wishing for my team back and I would drive or I pace or I sit and zone I hear the ringing and it’s never anything on the phone kinda salty like man I really am alone she was great I really think the chance I had was blown that’s when I took a real look at myself I really only seen us I didn’t plan nothing else so
once I got the courage up to send her a text I said I’ll give you anything just to hear your breath


Love, good love..
don't chase it,
gotta love, be patient.
you should take your time baby don't let go.

and I’d be lying if I said it was like I never left putting our lives together is a neverending test. I had to gain a lot of trust plus minimize the stress cuz I know that in the end she gonna help me be the best and every time I grab the pen I appreciate her more cuz she help me touch a world I would have never seen before and anytime I that I pen another bar I get a little understanding and embrace who we are and yeah it took a little while to really see what this was but the feeling that’s inside let me know it was love from then I never was ashamed to exhibit what I had inviting everyone I could for a visit to my pad let em see what we worked hard to build showing every single brick that this love instilled and I cherish every second that she’s loving the brand she never gave a second thought about my second chance
Track Name: XP
Hard work never sleeping keep going is the only thing that’s in my brain repeating I know I’m not well more than disturbed can’t stop this thing that’s eating at me pulling out these words I know it’s something else it aint a human trait but nothing kills it and it always seem to be awake Keep working on this road carving out my own path cuz every second in this present takes me from my past I put this on my back because it’s only me digging my way into the only place I wanna be I’ll break my bones sell off everything I’ve ever owned to leave my code of genetics on every microphone with every random battle and every gained level my main ability resist any attempt to settle for anything wouldn’t be called a legacy woven in epic verses labeled as my reverie

When I was critical everybody left me Would have been dead if it wasn’t for that XP
Said I was nuts cuz I aint see what the rest sees my failures led me to success cuz of XP

there was so many snakes that fed into these veins with all that venom could have changed the moniker to bain or even eddie brock the symbiosis locked you hear our voice is amplified on everything we drop walked into nightmares that was disguised as dreams but all them trials help me see behind the future scenes I saw the evil these people would do to get them paid they wicked ways had saved me from being a slave but at a great cost so many things I lost because my judgment of character was a little off I prolly deserve what I got for that amount of thirst but in the end it made me really see what I was worth a lesser man would have never again picked up the pen no matter how much I lie to myself I can’t pretend I’m not a guy killing myself for a better life it’s always gon rain I can’t wait for when the weather’s right

this is what I gain fighting back see the levitation over every track never waiting for my turn to act gain xp till the screen goes black this the one they ain’t never count on and my account ain’t the one that you doubt on and these bars every day get honed and they keep me zoned and it’s how I’ve grown them fights put me through hell almost killing me even when I ain’t fail and the strain made me not well but it gave me all these epic tales no matter what the brand never dies it gets hurt but I get revived in darkness I will always thrive main job trait is to survive but it all will align through the lines that I sign from the inner workings of my mind but it’s moment in time that will I bind with these rhymes that will illustrate my whole grind this is why I gotta be intense cuz aint nobody really been convinced that these songs I invent help the people get a scent of my sense and my intent and I don’t really think I’m at my best it’s a lot of things that I had to benchpress and other stuff got me distressed but I guess I’m overthinking man I digress even with a level gained I can’t rest but it’s a lot of dungeons on this quest I know you say I make you think but yet I don’t really think you seen my depth
Track Name: Goodbye
The bags packed, destination set the outlook is bright but money ain’t right yet this place is cool but man look I gotta go I’m outgrowing my old life it really shows I’ll send a post card I know my time is really short I’ll snap a pic or maybe vlog an in depth report but working gigs hoping something would fall out the sky is pretty dumb when your work is only half applied so I pickup and put myself into a better state cuz hard work will beat talented ones who always wait and I cant lie procrastination is a thing I fight the perfect moment don’t exist and things ain’t always right but that’s the goal to getting better working day and night know this is something I love not just something I like I know I’m destined for some heartache and a lot of pain but the trip has been booked so Auf Wiedersehen

My cities shows ain’t really what they used to be I mean they good for a little love locally but not a way for nobody big to notice me I gotta make the sacrifice and think globally throw a few stacks down the drain for a few sales it’s gas stations and rest stops where the foods stale shows every season even the winter too hoping they buy something let alone remember you while also spamming on the net for a couple fans you kinda feel like you be talking to yourself man… but cuz I love it that much I’ll take it all in stride be it performing for thousands or just a crowd of 5 I’m chasing after it no matter what my bills be I’m happy even when my love attempts to kill me because to you I hope I’m not another rapper guy I gotta be something more than that so au revoir

And when I’m there I’m pretty sure that I won’t see a sign I’ll be reminded of somebody who had saw my grind and I’ll stay blind to the things that I just might achieve cuz if I stop then that place will prolly collapse on me don’t wanna focus on trophies or tryin to be a star just on the next song next show next bar a lot of cats who aint here wish they could see the sight be in them pictures or help me to scream into the mic and now I really understand what ill po was on to see it is one thing but to really be gone that’s like a whole other state of being in the soul that time away is more precious than anything sold and I know I couple dudes that really should have left say they alive but it’s like I only see they death I hope I see you out there and so for now I’m off and this the end of my verse so shi tu de semasu
Track Name: If I Never Wake
What would they say If I never felt the sun again the no more chest pounding when I do the running man. No more write ups from gig where I’m expendable letters from fans who say my efforts are commendable a couple tears from the cats who said I was great I love to listen to my dreams like I should never wake its like I’m dreaming on demand the pictures less choppy this is my laputa and you can call me Miyazaki and every now and then I question why do I exist I’m not trying to be emo but look at all of this I mean I put a lot in this and I don’t see a change I’m still sitting outside and being looked at strange maybe I’ve never learned, maybe I’m immature or could it be that I’m stuck here being an amateur what if I’m lying to myself trying to hold on to something I never had or its been long gone… it’s really cold here but dog these really nice sheets my arms are weak and I spent half my life trying to reach this tracks immaculate and saki this a nice beat I think the earth might be better if I go back to sleep
Track Name: Con-Soul
Remember when a little blow always started the game and then the konami code put 30 guys in your lane and double dribble helped you get the picture perfect dunk and a little jab from mike would leave a little mac slumped before everyone worried about they connection lagging you caught up in wiley’s lab and trying to defeat his dragon sing along with the opera during ff6 did you drop the sticks when they told you samus a chick? or when the zombie bit barry it was nothing to say play the ocarina as it changed from night to day when was the first time you ain’t have to read the text remember lara when she dumped the heaters on the t-rex or when chrono got caught stealing lunch from the fair a purple dude named nights put our dreams in the air when chocobo training became a phenomenon and a 10 year old boy picked his first pokemon… these memories are gold… I’m speaking to your con soul

these memories are gold… I’m speaking to your con soul

The longer that we would play we knew what we were becoming goldeneye odd job with golden gun in track and field game pad and we were pumping remember parappa learning some self-defense from that onion dude stole on billy lee’s chick that was the spark used the mirror and you switch between worlds light and dark and big boss told snake he’s part of the plan and vivi spazzed out when they killed his whole fam or when ryo saw his dad get whooped by lan di or when aeris got impaled for praying for holy in silent hill in the alley did you feel that fear? Were you amazed when sonic left the whale on the pier? I’ll never understand why ezio had to choke when he had the blade poised to put an end to the pope disarm the lake bombs 5 minutes was mad sketchy I never did enough barrel rolls to hush peppy master chief went to finish the fight everyone felt a rise but said omg wow when they had shepard revived your objection is overruled I don’t lie I keep a phoenix down packed so my people wont die

I kinda feel like kratos when fighting against the hydra but I need luck like I’m Nathan drake he’s a survivor getting hookers to give it up without getting paid remember doing all you could to dodge the scarecrow’s gaze tell me how you really felt when you fought against the striders? Were you a sith apprentice or a jedi subscriber did nuke megaton to appease mr burke you shoot it out with john marston when he put in his work? When tidus saw zanarkand and knew that he wasn’t home and then they told us that It’s dangerous to go alone why was kelso mad fake up at cole phelps wake why the government cover up that the boss was great it’s a ton of moments present and past I didn’t mention shout to mordin solus I feel you on your redemption we a generation that shaped the whole world with our thumbs imagine when we pass the sticks to our daughters and sons